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Mobility Scooters

Rascal 388XL

Independance is priceless.  That is why every scooter in the Rascal range offers you the choice and freedom you deserve.  Your daily life will take on a whole new persepective as many more destinations become possible with a Rascal 388XL.  When it comes to choosing a mid-size scooter with proven performance, your expectations will be exceeded. Relax ..... its a Rascal.

  • Swivel Seat
  • Easy lift up tiller head
  • 6mph
  • 11" wheels

Overall Length 127cm (50")

Overall Width 56cm (22")

Maximum rider weight 136kg

Total Weight 85kg (187lbs)

Maximum Range 32km (20 miles)

Maximum Speed 9.8kph (6mph)


Main Rascal 388XL Pic
Main Rascal 388XL Pic