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Mobility Scooters

Rascal Balance

Indoor-outdoor deluxe 3 wheel scooter

The latest in mobility scooter technology, the Balance features magnetic stabiliser technology and frame forward design for stability, comfort and ease of use.  Rascal Balance combines the manoeuvrabiity of a 3 wheeled scooter with improved stability from 2 magnetic stabiliser wheels giving you superior performance both indoor and outdoor.


  • Exclusive Stabiliser Technology
  • Self-centrering magentic castor wheels
  • Frame-Forward design for maximum foot area
  • Plush, wide swivel seat with padded armrests
  • Coil sprung suspension
  • Powerful motor to carry up to 204kg/32 stone



  • Overall length 117cm/46"
  • Overall width 64cm/25"
  • Maximum user weight 204kg/450lbs
  • Maximum range up to 40km/25 miles
  • Heaviest component 19kg/42lbs
  • Ground clearance 50mm/2"
  • Maximum speed 6.4kph/4mph