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Manual Wheelchairs

Roma Wheelchair Power Pack

The most technically advanced, easiest to fit, simplest to use Powerpack ever.

The Powerpack attaches to any wheelchair in literally seconds. Once fitted you will never need to push the chair again. Simply walk behind with your thumb on the control and let the Powerpack do all the work for you.

No more struggling up hills, ramps or uneven ground; just press the lever and enjoy the effortless transportation the Powerpack provides. With speeds up to 4mph and a range of up to 10 miles, there is more than enough capacity for most days out.

An incredibly simple and reliable alternative to struggling whilst out and about!

  • Twin drive wheels for greater traction
  • Dismantles easily for easy transportation and storage
  • Easy to operate hand control lever
  • Variable speed setting with reverse
  • Security key switch
  • Removeable battery pack for remote charging
  • LIfts out of use to enable normal wheelchair function
  • Suitable users up to 136kg/21 stone



  • Battery capacity 12v/22ah
  • Maximum speed 3.4mph/5.5kmph
  • Maximum range upto 10 miles/16 km
  • Total weight 13.2kgs/29lbs
  • Motor weight 6.4kg/14lbs
  • Battery weight 6.8kg/15lbs